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Financial Planning

At Fortify Capital, financial planning is defined by an integrated approach in which all aspects of a client’s financial landscape are taken into consideration. Our team of experts work interdependently with clients to build a roadmap for success and carefully monitor the plan as financial priorities evolve.

Investment Planning

Investment planning with Fortify Capital is strategically aligned with the objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance of each client. Through discipline and the application of a time-tested investment philosophy, portfolios are intentionally constructed to withstand varying economic climates.

Retirement Planning

The strategic distribution of wealth in the retirement phase requires thoughtful and deliberate execution. Asset allocation, asset location, and taxation are integral considerations throughout the stages of wealth accumulation, preservation, and distribution; all are imperative to the success and longevity of each plan.

Estate Planning

Executing a will or trust to determine who will inherit your wealth and worldly possessions is just one aspect of estate planning. Whether you are creating an estate, or protecting an estate, our team of experts help to develop a broader estate planning strategy that ensures your wishes are known, honored, and carried out as efficiently as possible.

Alternative Investments

For more sophisticated investors who are interested in opportunities beyond publicly traded stock and bond markets, alternative investments can play an important role in diversifying your portfolio through broader exposure.